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Dear Sage

I think you are listening to your accountants too much. They don't give a fuck about your employees or your company. If you went bust they would just go leech off someone else. Only 15 million quid profs? Oh dump it now and let someone else get the 15 million. Very sensible advice. /s

True story. I have a very small business. Me and 4 employees + accountant.

Instead of just doing the accounts , he would insist that I could get by with 3 employees + accountant.

So I got rid of an empoyee and replaced him with software.

Result? My profits are not huge, but I still have 4 employees. You see, I employed my people because they are people that can do what I need in order to be able to do my job. Without any of us there would be no business.. We don't need a fucking accountant. We replaced him with software

Moral? Accountants will destroy your company if it means more money for them. They are machines with tits or a dick but no heart.


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