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Alistair Silver badge

Financial market maven malice is afoot

There was a time when conducting business was based on doing something, and doing it well, periodically coming up with something new and different and getting it to market in a timely manner, and keeping one's customers happy with one's product.

Now, conducting business is much more interested in paying the C suite utterly riduculous salaries, lying tooth, nail, toe and balls to wallstreet left right and centre using the latest buzzword bingo bullshit in order to increase the valuation of corporate stock. It is almost like the product, or services, are an *afterthought* these days, and Carl Icahn't is the epitome of this version of capitalism.

Anyone have a sacrificial altar we could use? Preferably with fire?

(you'd think the weather here was making me even grumpier than normal today wouldn't you?)

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