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No, and they do have the requirement that drivers for hire (i.e. Uber drivers, as well as taxi drivers) must have a professional driving license - not a taxi license, but a driving license with extra requirements to prove you are safe to drive passengers around.

Uber were not checking that their drivers had a valid professional driving license - and without that, you can't get commercial insurance, only private insurance, which is null and void if you are using the vehicle to ferry around passengers for remuneration (you can accept, at most, recompense for their share of the petrol used on the trip, if you carry passengers privately).

The courts banned them for a while, but I haven't heard any news that they are back on the "mean streets" of Germany. But, as you say, the taxi situation is a lot different here and more tightly controlled, from a safety and fraud aspect, than in some countries, I just don't see any reason why I would ever consider an Uber ride.

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