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There have been a lot of *ism claims in the press of late

"I am this group not that one" is common to all except possibly for society's rejects i.e. billy/willamina no mates who are so desperate that they will accept any friendship at all.

IMHO those screaming loudest about *ism are deluded hyprocrites and/or using it for personal advantage/political gain, this since there are still many groups in each society that are acceptable to openly hate even promote hate of.

In the UK for instance it is okay to hate immigrants, fatties, smokers, those on benefit and whomever else is currently on the approved hate list, so for my part until everyone is accepted until they individually do something unacceptable then I will continue to see claims of *ism as being both a society norm and an attempt to futher divide what little unity remains.

I have heard many claims from people that they are not *istic and yet in each occasion I found that they do still hate other groups they just pretent so well that they will not recognise it until someone in authority points it out to them and even then they will claim that it is okay because *.

So since IMHO everyone is *istic then will I accept my place is society and condone hating upon hypocrites and those that think CAPS is shouting, two popular groups that like every other *ism misunderstand that everything is grey rather than black and white.

Summary: no groups contains only villians especially when YOUR (emphasis rather than shouting) hated group contains people who did not chose to join but instead had it thrust upon them.

I thank you

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