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Uber CEO compares pedestrian death to murder of Saudi journalist, saying all should be forgiven

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Re: He then argued that everyone should be forgiven.

Surely the drug cartels would be the customers of those services? What with them being the ones with money, and also in need of such services?

The providers would be any poor shmuck on a minimum wage, who gets a five minute training course in biowaste disposal (which they're charged for) and has to haul the corpses in their own car, perhaps while dropping the kids off at school because taking time off to do that would otherwise eat into the pittance they're given, that is laughingly called a 'wage'.

All while the Uber execs insist that it's not the companies fault that bodies are being dumped in parks, it's instead the actions of "a few independent contractors", who had Uber stickers on their car, and on their corporate branded clothes, and on their pittance cheques, as it's certainly not the exec's fault that their algorithms gave their modern-day-serfs only a couple of minutes between corpse pickups, on a route that took them right by a public park...

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