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Any promises to extend rights of self-employed might win an election, hint Brit freelancer orgs

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They pretend to be on the side of the freelancers just to screw them. What should they ask? Can they start from:

1) Scrap the daily rate and pay overtime.

2) Early termination terms must always be equal for both parties.

3) Payroll companies are only in charge for payroll, not to act as a legal screen between the contractor and the client, if the client misbehaves the contractor can sue directly the client, not an empty shell company.


More and more can be added.


I was forgetting the most important thing: Agencies that wait the very last minute to send the contract and ask the contractors to sign it in a very short time without giving them time to read the contract can be prosecuted for fraud.

The same should happen when the 3 months rolling contract expires and the agent asks to sign again a full contract claiming that it is equal to the expired one, but they sneaked in some changes.

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