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Global Operating Devices Chatter ...... on NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT

the kind of bugs we tend to find are the random, crazy user bugs, where somebody does something that nobody even thought would be remotely sane."

Is it a bug whenever a non random not crazy user does something that everyone thinks is insane? And/Or is it Advanced IntelAIgent Systems Penetrations Testing with AI Trojans/Remote Access Titans?

For if they don't think it so will relevant future facts prove all to be reasonably sane but seriously misundereducated and misdirected.

And if that is by any premeditated global admin systems design, I sure as hell wouldn't like to held responsible for providing drive and drivers for that right abortion of a program and project. ...... if for Keeping the Masses Serially Misinformed.

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