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So what did he say then?"

You brought Al Gore into this, so why don't *you* give us a quote from him that backs your stance rather than telling the rest of us to do your research for you?

There were two potentially seperate but very closely juxtaposed quotes. I did give you time to find them yourself but clearly you're aware I'm right.

I'll slightly paraphrase. One was "We will be in a climate crisis within the next 10 years". The other was "Sea levels will rise 20ft in the near future" (20ft=6m, ie~5m), Even if the two phrases weren't intended to be linked (but the phrasing and tone of matters would indicate that's exactly what he wanted people to take away), he's still a long way out on the "near future" and "20ft rises".

Do some research before your lifestyle does more damage to the planet and the people on it.

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