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Most of us don't have the luxury of unlimited resources including capital and labor to make the transition.

Amazon had a major PR motive in eating their own dog-food, and quickly. If you just wanted to get off of Oracle quickly, you can do a more modest conversion to EnterpriseDB, with its Oracle PL/SQL compatibility layer (on top of PostgreSQL).

Most programs just use some standard database connector library that can easily be swapped out from Oracle to PostgreSQL in a few lines of code in one spot, and a parallel database dump from one and import into the other.

We can't find the skills to have people run open source databases and AWS "services" and if we do we certainly can't keep them.

Oracle databases don't just run themselves... They need 100X more expertise, optimization, care and feeding than user-firendly open-source databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL/MariaDB. I know this from years of miserable experience with some big ones... No doubt you can find a consultant to setup and maintain your open source database product for a fraction the cost of your oracle license fees, not to mention your oracle consultant's fees.

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