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The decision to initially use Oracle is where the mistake lies.

As more and more people realise this, less and less people will use it.

It's all very well saying "but it's too expensive to change now", but it's literally never going to get any cheaper... it's as simple as that. You will have to pay that transition charge at some point, as well as the higher annual subscriptions and whatever other costs in the meantime.

Sure, it's not easy or cheap to up sticks and leave, but it won't be any cheaper tomorrow either. Continuing down that path is how people end up in bankruptcy, companies in administration, and banks clinging to outdated technology "because it's too old to change now and we can't find people to do it".

Oracle is a stupid decision. It's that simple. If you're tiny, it's *always* been stupid. If you're mid-size, it may have been understandable at one point but otherwise stupid. If you're seriously large - as this shows - it was still stupid.

You can continue to propagate the stupid decision into the future with excuses, or you can say "it was stupid, and now we're trapped" and realise that one day you'll have to do the exact same thing people are telling you to do now anyway.

I honestly judge any company whose IT department happily use, recommend or support Oracle.

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