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Pumped storage is already installed in some hydro stations here in Scotland such as the 'hole in the mountain' one at the head of Loch Awe. More are being installed or planned as retrofitted installations.

Scotland also has far more renewable energy than England, enough to power domestic demand and more now. That is with only starting to exploit our extremely abundant tidal energy. There's an array now in the Pentland Firth generating power right now and proving both effective and wildlife friendly (the turbines are cowled).

A look at the map of Scotland especially of the West coast will reveal manifest tidal races between islands and the mainland and other islands etc. If you have a sailing map of the area this details the speed of them. Some are so powerfuly you cannot for eg paddle a kayak against the current.

The question will be which ones, other than at Corryvreckan, will we NOT exploit.

Note the tides run 24/7 regardless of the weather in an entirely predictable manner. The Pentland Firth acting as a conduit betwen the Atlantic and North Sea never stops flowing.

Well it might if Climate Change gets out of hand enough. At the end of the Permian it got so hot ocean circulation stopped and the oceans became stagnant ponds with only the top couple of metres oxygenated by wind, waves and diffusion. 90% of marin creatures (all the Trilobites!) died out as well as 30% or so of land animals ushering in the age of the Dinosaurs.

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