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Re: But today I'm a reformed character

No, Blair was after something else.

Someone did a magnificent job exposing that via a TV production for the BBC which hinted at it, but not in a way that would allow anyone to stop it going public. As disclosures go, this was a textbook example of how to do it right.

If you can manage, get hold of the Worricker trilogy starring a brilliant Bill Nighy. It has 3 parts: "Page Eight", "Turks and Caicos" (which is where you'll get the hint) and "Salting the battlefield".

Trust me, you'll enjoy it. It's classic BBC: extremely well produced, quality actors and acting, and with an actually tangible story line. It must have pissed off Blair no end, which sort of doubled my enjoyment (sorry, I'm petty like that :) ).

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