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Microsoft Teams: The good, the bad, and the ugly

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We've started using Teams but we're quickly running into issues that are not necesarily technical. Teams doesn't work well with the legislative framework my organisation must work within. Recording of information, text conversations and data sharing are all very important and very sensitive due to the nature of the information we work with. Teams only really works in the way MS want it to work. They want everything stored in OneDrive and users with admin loke powers of sharing and organising. We need to keep track of our data and Teams (actually 365 in general) makes this very hard to do in a controlled fashion.

If you are happy to let your guys run free, create and store what they like, where they like and be damned with the consequences then it'll probably work pretty well for you.

We use Skype as well. It's shite but still better then most of its rivals IMHO.

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