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At least you only have 1 tool left now. Here, we've had Teams installed for months but SfB is still there and people (me included) continue to use it by default, at least for IM. But Teams integration isn't fully completed, which leads to several "interesting" situations:

- Teams calls do not reflect in SfB availability, so even when you are engaged in a Teams call, you can appear available in SfB and receive unwanted pings

- you can't dial from Teams, so no phone calls, no pulling an external party in a meeting when they can't join in Teams - all this is still available in SfB

- some of our external partners can't join Teams meetings, so we still need to create SfB invites for them. That's assuming you know from the start that there will be external attendees. Otherwise you need to cancel the Teams meeting and reissue as SfB. And yes, Teams chatbot, that's why I'll continue to create SfB meetings until you pry that possibility from my cold, dead hands!

I also find the UI terrible, with Chat being at the center of everything and regrouping 1-1 discussions, meetings, group discussions with no way to filter. You get notified every time someone mentions you, add you to a group, adds a file to a group or just farts in your general direction, so you don't even notice when someone is actually chatting you for something that may require your attention.

TL;DR: don't know if it's due to our particular rollout, or intrisic to Teams, but so far I'm not impressed despite interesting collaboration features.

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