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"Ummm nope your wrong, you can run both side by side as long as your O365 user acccount hasnt been set to teams only, your teams admin needed to enable islands and double check the federation rules between both systems (involves poweshell so scares the lazy to learn/cant click a button to do it brigade)

The skype integration is doable as well, as i can be contacted from public skype and reply back, the arse is that contact search isnt available yet as far as i know so adding a public skype user is trickier than just searching for them

And you don't call that a problem ? We are talking about a suite that was written by the same company... Why the hell you we need to jump through hoops like this just to keep the same software running..

And that PS script has to be run on all PCs, so it also means a GPO...

And no searching within a corporate environment is just bollocks... That is what I call a problem...

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