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Quite... observant!

"They're nutters," the PFY finishes.

"Yes, but I still don't think you should have said that to their faces," the Boss says

Had a boss like that once at university. He would have agreed with such a statement - while a genuinely nice guy, he was not afraid to call people nutters when they deserved it. Not very modern (i.e. later than '90s - ok, actually 80s) computing literate (to be fair: he was mostly set in his ways which made software requirements and system updates a bit of a hassle). He had very strong physics background, so don't give him any of that EM scare shit; he'd take you to the cleaners, pointing out you were stupid and a nutter (but in a nice way). How he ended up with two guys like us (BOFH + PFY) I'll never understand, but he could handle us really well....

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