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"Doesn't paypal and others already do that?"

As far as I know, YES. But to have PayPal you need some kind of bank account. I wouldn't be surprised if FAECEBOOK wants to be "the bank" which would give them BANKING access to YOUR money.

Banks always make money off of your money. In exchange they offer free services. What they have been PREVENTED from doing in the USA is monetizing your banking history and SELLING IT to 3rd parties, without your EXPLICIT permission to do so. So, credit card companies can't sell your purchasing history.

But if FAECE-BITCH got ahold of this info, they'd have WAY too much of your personal data, because it would INCLUDE your shoping history with whatever banking "services" they manage...

And if *THEY* get *THEIR* way, then when their AI algorithms get done with you, you'll be on even THICKER puppet strings than you could POSSIBLY imagine, and would CONSTANTLY be tempted to go back to them and eat whatever they feed you. Don't doubt me. It's THEIR GOAL!!!

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