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I can't remember if Bill Clinton talked up going to the moon/Mars, but Bush II and Obama both did. President Trump is just following tradition. If it buys a few votes, job done whether the US ever goes back or not. Even if President Trump wins a second term in office, it's unlikely that he will be the US President if people are sent to the moon again.

I agree with the other that would hate to see a useless grandstanding, flag-planting return to the moon. There needs to be a goal further along than just doing it again. Planning a base, deciding on the sorts of science to begin with is going to take time to plan, engineer and build. That will be more than the 5 years that President Trump could remain in office. My feeling is that if one of the more socialist candidates takes the office, it will be at least four more years before any work is done and possibly eight. None of them has any plans other than printing money as fast as they can and giving it out to secure votes in the next election. Bread and Circuses.

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