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yOur favorite ElReg Troll speaketh

Respect to all of you in solid marriages.

answering Sir Runcible Spoon, one that correctly diagnosed me. An idiot, I am.

Let me tell you, kind sirs (no women commentards in solid marriages?), my story.

I married 14 years ago. Our ring bearer a cute 11-year old, dreams, looking forward to life, very bright. Two years later parents divorced, father refused to do something about his online porn. I guess it was his right, left? The guy had a great job, which he lost a couple years later, had achieved his fancy degree in a fancy university by having the wife work two jobs. AFAIK hasn't worthwhile employment since. The boy went live with dad. I met him like 6 years later, the kid stinking, not having washed weeks.


All, day, night. Did he ever get a high school diploma? meaningless and they hand like cookies, I doubt it. Last I heard last year he was going for a GED, not even that.

Some mild substance abuse, enough to lose all respect of himself, or jobs.

Eventually good old dad kicked him out. Mom has taken him in again. Again to rehab, and again.

Been in rehab at least three times, he look great in pictures "after".

They all our best friends, though I knew dad little, peculiar individual, a wise guy more than a wise man.

Whenever advertising for games praising "addictive" as a good thing, I just know what really means.

You men who say you can balance life, a family and gaming, more power to you.

Do you sincerely, I mean, really sincerely dare affirm looking in my empty anonymous coward eyes that you are like the majority of gamers?

Allow me to assume, based on scant evidence, that reality is more like I have described it.

Latest I heard, kid is still gaming, somewhat clean, mother is school teacher, father never heard of again.

I wish he was like you.

BTW, I can write good - errors purpose to avoid style similar to my real name postings. I upvote you, even if you break number one rule, never feed the troll......

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