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You may be interested in the recent activities of Turkmenistan. The general idea is that, because of urban beauty reasons and definitely not because they wanted to censor, satellite dishes are completely illegal. And that is enforced; if you have such a dish, the police will come by and confiscate it. You will be fined or imprisoned. This applies to every dish; it's clear they're primarily trying to prevent reception of satellite television, but they'll take anything. That wasn't particularly difficult for them to do. That can happen anywhere.

If you think the skies will be free, I'm going to need to see a receiver for satellite internet that can easily be used while remaining hidden and even more easily hidden should a censor come to call. So that will require the device to work indoors, without being obvious through a window, and collapse to a small enough device that it can be hidden inside something else. All existing dishes I've seen are quite expansive devices and need a very precise position, meaning that it wouldn't be all that easy to take it down and redeploy it twice a day. Can you show me such tech? If not, I believe you are badly mistaken in your optimism. Even if you can show me such tech, we've only solved the really obvious problems. Plenty more methods of censorship remain.

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