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I can get by with the Win10 Start Menu thing - once I have got rid of the stupid active tiles and the other childish junk.

What I cannot suffer is Windows Explorer! Whoever thought that this pathetic piece of junk was going to be of any use in a work environment is way beyond me!!

I recently had to use it on a colleague's PC, and almost freaked-out as to how it gets in the way of what you are trying to do - just give me a list of the drives and folders goddamit, and stop listing crap by "Recently used" and other nonsense!!

Also, what-the-flying-F was so wrong with File Manager? It was bloody useful!!

I realise I have spoiled myself by installing Directory Opus on all my Windows machines, and that I may be selling Windows Explorer short, but who has the time to waste trying to get that POS to work in a way that makes moving/copy/comparing files a non-event?


Change for change's sake is not always a good thing. I'm not blaming her personally, just hoping that future GUI/program (NOT fscking "Apps!") will focus a bit more on users who use Windows for work involving the Desktop and not bloody tablets...

A forlorn hope indeed. ;(

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