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Expendable resources @Christoph

Whilst what you said about money is mostly true, expendable resources were used, in the form of RP-1 kerosene and LOX, plus a range of relatively rare metals and other materials, which although most of the products probably remained within Earth's gravitational well, were expended and are basically unrecoverable, during the flights.

I personally think that space exploration is worth pursuing, but you have to admit that there are costs involved.

I believe that rather than finding ways of keeping an ever expanding population alive to have more children (especially in areas of the world with marginal capability to support humans), leading to further population growth, we should be looking at how to educate and persuade the people of Earth (and their respective Governments) to stabilize the number of mouths to feed. Once this is done, space exploration will be seen as more affordable.

Unfortunately, current whole World Economics is built on continual growth (both in terms of consumption and production), so no governments are really interested in stopping the rise in the population!

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