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I have to thank ken for my passwords

Years ago, I realized that memorizing a password was a pain in the ass while memorizing command strings was second nature. So, for the most part, my passwords are based on unix commands. So like my passwords would look like:

"mv /var/log/secure.0 /mnt/Filer01/home/logs/$(hostname)/" or "chmod 644 /var/log/Postfix/auth.log.bz2"

A command I typed on a nearly daily basis, many characters long, complete with numbers symbols, upper and lower case. I could even write it down on a piece of paper, or accidentally type it into a chat session and no one would even suspect it was my password. As a hint to myself, I might write down just the last part of the command. Periodically, I'd hack random characters into chats and instruct everyone to ignore it, or write something like that on a sticky note, just to throw people off.

So I thank ken for creating Unix and giving me something to base my passwords on (And also for all the benefits that Unix brought to the world). But also for having a password that reaffirms my strategy: Something he likely typed in -a lot- or wouldn't stand out from his normal typing.

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