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Second MoD Airbus Zephyr spy drone crashes on Aussie test flight

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Man 1: "We had to make the frame ultra-light, so it doesn't handle turbulence well, might crash."

Man 2: "But it's weather-tight otherwise?"

Man 1: "Of course. However, rain tends to weigh it down and performance decreases, might crash."

Man 2: "Can't get it wet and keep it out of the wind. Can't imagine that will be a problem. So what's the cost?"

Man 1: "4.1 million Pounds each, might crash."

Man 2: "We're paying for this out of an MoD account, so we'll take fifty."

Man 1: "Excellent. That will give you superb coverage of all of Afghanistan."

Man 2: "Oh no. These are for post-BREXIT border enforcement in Northern Ireland.

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