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Uncle Sam punishes China for abusing Uyghur Muslims – by blacklisting top AI surveillance companies

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"Until all countries are held to account to the same standards, then actions like this are meaningless."

You're never going to get that level of fairness as it ignores years of diplomacy that it has taken to reach the current mess.

If you look at the Middle East for instance, how would the US/Europe treat the Middle Eastern countries fairly given their differing views towards Western countries?

Saudi Arabia is on the Allies list largely because Iran kicked out the Western-friendly Shah and isolated itself, intensifying the isolation through the war with Iraq and alliance with Russia in the proxy-Cold War between Iraq and Iran.

What you call hypocrisy, I would call pragmatic diplomacy because the alternative would be to get on a high horse and ride into the sunset unless I'm missing an obvious solution to the Sunni vs Shia conflicts (and even that oversimplifies the situation...). And if you have an answer to that, lets move on to Israel and the Kurds assuming Turkey hasn't wiped them out by the time you respond....

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