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Not winding up a business, but I know of a case here where a fellow got over a million dollars back in the 1970's because a property management company did not return his cleaning deposit. He was a law student who sued them in small claims court and won. He then went through all the steps to collect, including a public auction of the apartment building at which he was the only person who bid, giving the minimum bid which was the value of his judgment plus costs. The management company was properly served papers all along the line, but just ignored them.

A couple of years later, the building's owner went to sell the building and found he had a major problem with the title deed! The property management company ended up paying over a million to the fellow to release his claim on the building. The alternative was to compensate the building's owner for the full value of the apartment complex, which was then valued at over 2.5 million.

Even the rich and arrogant occasionally get brought to heel by the law if people know how to use it.

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