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here we go again...

We spend trillions of dollars worldwide on weapons, make-up, smartphones, fashion, iffy drugs and so on - all the flim flam of daily life. Hardly any of this expenditure enhances the lives of the poor. Spend a few million quid on a space program and everybody jumps up and down about "wasting money" and that all our earthly problems should be sorted out first. These very same people probably also pay good money for loads of unessential items and probably DONT send all their money to charity. I just don't get it.

The human race can either sit here with our noses in the dirt, murdering each other whenever a "leader" stands to gain something or we can lift our heads up and reach for the stars and embrace the universe. Our world view would likely change and with that being so we may develop a more balanced approach to life on Earth , abandoning narrow nationalistic and religious concerns in favour of a benevolent society that is fair to all who live here (including the flora and fauna that we share it with)

Just my tuppence

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