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A long time coming

The best decision they could have made really. Openstack is dead in the long run for anyone not a telco/CSP and I heard from friends that work there that it was costing far more in maintenance than they had in forecasted sales.

I do feel for the employees though. Their openstack engineering team is one of the largest within SUSE (many former HPE employees there as well following the Helion acquisition) and from what I hear the majority of engineers have been made redundant overnight. They’ve saved the middle management and product management teams by and large but the guys and girls on the ground have been royally screwed over today!

Although this is just the beginning. It’s clear SUSE is being primed for a SAP takeover. ALL the new executive team and a zillion other employees (with little exception) have hopped right on over from SAP.

If I had to guess, it would be that SAP doesn’t want the open source community to get its knickers in a twist with the 2 largest vendors being brought out by large “legacy” enterprises so after IBM acquired red hat SAP via EQT are controlling everything but too scared to actually acquire due to the fallout. They’ll gut everything in the interim though watch this space!!

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