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Remember the FBI's promise it wasn’t abusing the NSA’s data on US citizens? Well, guess what…

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The problem here is that you need a prosecutor to bring a case against the people who lied to the court (i.e. the FBI). But the Prosecutors are on the side of the FBI. I mean the FBI brings criminal cases to the prosecutors to try in court. So there is zero chance of a Prosecutor bringing perjury charges against a member of the FBI (especially in a leadership position), because that will absolutely hurt them later when the FBI brings sub-standard evidence to them out of revenge. Failed/No convictions means Prosecutor out of a job.

The best we can hope for is that Congress are able to bring the axe down on the entire FBI leadership who lied before congress and to judges and cost them there jobs. The chances of anyone going to jail for lying to the courts or congress is about the same as a snowballs chance in hell...

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