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120k folds is 65 a day for 5 years. Given this is a gen1 product that is (mostly) for users who will ditch it and get the latest version after a year or two, i don't see a material difference between lasting 120k folds and 200k folds. Even 18500 folds is 50 a day for a year.

Repeatedly folding and unfolding the thing with a robot means all the folds are done in the same way under the same conditions. In real life, people will not always apply the same amount of force to the same area. It will also be folded/unfolded in a variety of different temperatures, humidities, dust conditions etc. So the real performance won't be known until it's been 'in the wild' for 6-12 months. Also, dropping from 6 feet seems not a very real-world test, and is also useless to state unless we know what surface it's dropped on. Carpet? Parquet? Concrete? Cushions?

In any case, kudos to Samsung for the progress on this because a few years ago this seemed like a pipe dream and now it looks like they're quite close to cracking it. A couple more iterations and it could be ready for the mainstream. And if you want a phone right now that will last more than a year, this particular version is anyway not for you.

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