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Tying on the Office Space gag...

I worked as a pre-sales engineer manager for a small software company with senior leadership amazingly functional for going about with head inserted so far up their rectum.

Despite the ability, carefully created and tuned, to autogenerate a status report from our CRM tool ("The single source of truth"- HAH!) with all the particulars up to the last update from the SE, the CEO wanted a report generated on a simple Excel spreadsheet...a completely valueless example of cutnpaste double work for no benefit other than to create the illusion that he could know what was going on, without having to bother with the "Complicated" CRM....the one with the "Export to .xls" button built right in.

Tasked with the Excel report creation, I dubbed it immediately the "Territory PoC Status" report and made a point to submit my TPS report every Thursday.

I always left off the cover sheet, though.

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