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Look, I know that Trump has the effect of activating people's amygdala, but stop for a moment and think about:

1) The odds of him being impeached just over this ambiguous phone call are slim to non-existent. If it does fail, it will embolden his followers to no end, it even may wind up getting him a second term in office.

2) Real visible corruption, such as SA princes spending huge amounts at Trump resorts just prior to Trump approving a $10B arms deal seems like a conflict of interest. Along with the pussy grabbing statements, that would make a much better chance for impeachement.

3) What happens if this, against all odds, does work and Trump is impeached. Instead of Trump, you'll get a president who really believes the planet is 6000 years old and that the second coming of Jesus is nigh. Do you really want someone like that with his finger on the nuclear button?

I don't know about you, but after 3 years of enduring Trump, what's one more year to kick him out through the ballot box?

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