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Once got the technical director to demonstrate his level of competancy...

to the heads of InfoSec, and Estates IT of a major UK highstreet bank (4 letters, created to do something with the profits of flooding china with opium).

Now this guy deserved it, he was perhaps the worst example of a human being i have had the misfortune to interact with, i mean he looked a bit like trump but was worse!. I mean he "technically" directed but his technical acumen was superceeded by windows 3.11 and this was the late naughties... Every day comments to me were things like "you idiot, the ip address in the firewall rules has to be" (although we had to lock it down to a subnet in the contract) or "no we use oracle because its the most expensive" (as a local db on a pos device) the breaking point was when he ballsed up his schedule and refused to do anything but scream at the recuiter, when a candidate turned up for an interview he had arranged, claiming he had done no such thing (he did i sat next to him and he organised it 2 days prior), he refused to even speak to him face to face and say sorry cant do it today and hid being "busy" (looking out the window & harrassing the recruiter) until he left. So what, whats so bad about this?, well the poor chap had travelled from hull to the south west, who was severly partially sighted/legally blind (walked with a cane) on public transport having borrowed several hundred to cover train ticket, having been told he could claim it back as expenses, and given 24 hours notice of interview, very awkward, then revelling in his cuntishness after he left proudly said and i quote " i wouldnt have given him the job even if he was best programmer on earth because its a waste of money to spend more than £100 on a monitor for code monkeys, and i dont like the smell of curry" (yeah you can guess this chap was non white as well) he said behind his 32" widescreen monitor

So having lost all faith in this employer and activly polishing my cv to a mirror finish, he asked me what does DR mean, "the secrity team at this bank are asking me lots of nonsense questions, why does it matter???" So i breifly explain they mean disaster recovery, and we need to show the plan we supposedly wrote for ISO acreditation etc. was like showing a dog a card trick (thank you mr hicks), so having reeled him with basic competancy, knowing full well he would pass off any info i gave him as his own hard earned knowledge i got to work with acronyms and some creative entries into the http proxy box's page cache (in case he did his usual wikipedia based due dilligence) he puffed him self up, put on his smart shoes, got "wifey" to make him some sandwhiches, went to docklands and told them all about his:

A.R.S.E (Automated Recovery System Environment) on his primary B.U.M (Backup Machine) which S.H.A.R.T's (Sharded Heirarchical Archive Repository Tape) into the M.O.U.T.H (Manual Operative Universal Transport Handler) of the T.D. (Tape drive).

In other words our DR plan was an automated differencing back up onto tape we changed when we could be bothered.

Not sure what pissed him off more, getting called out as an idiot by the high up suits at the bank, or returning to the office to find my resignation on his desk and my backdated leave approved by the MD meaning i only had to work 2 days of my notice period :D

Fuck him he deserved it

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