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Definitely not the default. Perhaps you can not imagine a scenario where performance matters, but I think that's the more common case and the defaults should always back the most common case. The solution to your problem is to standardise your data once before you store it, rather than to waste time on every single subsequent search. The data in your columns should be homogeneous, the most common case problems come in for things like Names, which is a handful of text columns across the whole database - if it's not then perhaps a graph/noSQL DB would better suit the use case. If one is searching for free text typed into a field like 'Notes' then I would say some better categorisation columns are required. Notes should only be relevant once you are looking at a record - not be used to find a record - if desperate then sure, go ahead and search on it - but let's not change the defaults to fit the one desperate use case of a poorly designed system. (To be clear, I am not saying your system is poorly designed, just my example 'Notes' use case system)

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