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Well Duh!

| "Basically, what we tried to show is that using Stack Overflow without reviewing it carefully can lead to potential vulnerabilities inside applications,"

It seems the rate of misuse of bad code was low. A more positive headline of something like "Most Github projects avoid using SO code with known vulnerabilities" seems to be less desirable.

I have both answered questions and got questions answered on SO.The worst problem is those thankless takers who don't even bother to aknowledge any answer, they just disappear leaving readers/helpers with no idea if any of the solutions were appropriate.

I try and write good questions - some times it's easy as in when I had a short Python function and asked if a numpy guru could make it faster for me. I got four answers from one guy and one from another, so slotted in my own data and posted timings and my thoughts on how their examples might fit my use case, as well as selecting an answer to close the SO question. I tried to give back something to those who took their time to answer me; in a way that I had found useful in the past.

Open source doesn't work when too many take.

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