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Nobody said there was a good alternative. Sometimes, we can say that "X is bad" without saying "We have a good alternative to X, and X is bad so you should use our alternative". In fact, we're often more vocal about it when there isn't a good alternative, because it's not easy to abandon the bad thing.

As for actual alternatives, FDroid is probably the best in that it doesn't have a bunch of malware on it. It also doesn't have many apps that the standard non-reg-reading user wants, because they want things from corporates who in turn don't want to open source their stuff. The Apple app store may have a bunch of problems around monopolistic practices, but they are at least much better at keeping out malware. Of course, that locks you in to using an Apple device, and those are getting far too expensive, so that's an option of tradeoffs. Another alternative is that Google get their act together and fix their store. Oh, sorry, I seem to have accidentally pasted in a line from this science fiction story I was writing.

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