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"Not all" meaning the "vast majority", yes. Including Google's own Pixel phones. Google link states "Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 phones will be receiving updates" for this issue as part of the October update. Nice that they are updating them, but why did they wait so long if this was, as you claim, "patched long ago"?

They list some of the phones that are vulnerable, and then in a "statement from Android" below state Pixel 3 and 3a phones are not vulnerable. So basically they list a bunch of non-Google phones that are vulnerable, a couple Google phones that are vulnerable and getting patches this month, and a couple Pixels that aren't vulnerable.

Google Zero seems recently to be used for Google's own marketing purposes to tear down their competition. First Apple, now numerous non-Google Android OEMs. They could mention some other Android phones that aren't vulnerable (I'm guessing Galaxy S10 for example since they only list Galaxy S7/8/9 as vulnerable) but they don't. Hmmm...

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