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Google sounds the alarm over Android flaw being exploited in the wild, possibly by NSO


Android... keep their systems update....oh how i laughed at that one.

If you have a one year old device, as in in it was released a year ago and not bought in the last year (Lenovo looking at you still selling Marshmallow devices), you have a 50-50 chance of getting an update if your OEM and network provider deigns to bother.

Yes this is the shitty Android designed to destroy Microsoft, rather than designed to be secure and updated from source forever reality coming home to roost.

Option One Microsoft all updates available for all devices from day one, yes it might break some stuff but it is there.

Option Two Android, maybe you will may be you won't, who knows or cares, but as long as you keep giving us your data and internet history we don't care about anything else, but we will make sure everyone else looks bad and spend millions doing it with Google Project Zero.

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