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I'm not going to argue over Firepower - in my experience it is still 1-2 years away from being a usable product in Enterprise environments. The 5506X is underpowered (both RAM and CPU) to handle new Firepower versions and was quickly replaced (along with the 5515X) with faster models. Given that most of the old Firepower versions are broken or feature incomplete, its hard to stick with them.

There is still usable ASA code - while it maybe light on the next-gen firewalls feature side compared to it's competition, as a swiss army knife of features for requirements where deep packet inspection isn't required and you are combining multiple functions, it is still useful.

If you want to start calling out hardware manufacturers for low-/mid-range products not really doing what they are supposed to, I have a long list of network and storage products that we can add...

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