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You purchased a low end (<£500) product 1+ years after the replacement product was announced and have been caught by Cisco EoLing the software before the hardware. You may have even paid less as it was nearing its end of sales and resellers were looking to clear their inventory.

The writing was on the wall for the 5505 in 2012 when the majority of the ASA range was replaced by the ASA-X models. I believe Cisco were hoping to kill off the 5505 and migrate users to larger, slightly more expensive units (rack mounted 5512X ~£1k), but the 5505 proved more popular than expected leading to the eventual announcement of the 5506X in 2014 (two years before you purchased the 5505) and the 5506X was available in February 2015 (1+ years before you purchased the 5505).

While this sucks, ff the purchase was via a reseller, they should have pushed you towards the 5506X and maybe willing to offer you a heavily discounted replacement 5506 - if you ordered via a website with no direct interaction with a salesperson for advice, its likely a case of buyer beware.

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