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Windows 7 is the last OS that MS designed to meet user's needs. After the failure of Vista, and with XP becoming an increasingly aged OS, MS knew that Windows 7 had to be a well received OS, so they focused on fixing all the main issues with Vista whilst adding a few subtle but genuinely useful features (redesigned task bar, Aero-snap etc). In short, they used the "carrot" approach to entice people to part with XP.

Windows 8 was always intended to be an OS to push people over to MS's mobile offerings - and with Windows 7 being only a few years old, MS knew they could afford to gamble by not making the OS user friendly on traditional PCs. With Windows 10 however, instead of going for an OS to appeal to users and businesses (another "carrot" approach), MS decided to take the stick approach for a change. Add just enough stuff to placate people after the Windows 8 disaster, then use as much force as possible (GWX, blocking W7 updates on newer hardware) to ram it down everyone's throats.

Honestly, I cannot ever remember a Windows release that has achieved respectable market share despite being so widely disliked as Windows 10.

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