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Re: Did you ever bother to read Apple's statements for years....

It doesn't qualify as news? For one thing, the article clearly says that it's not clear what law is being considered. And for another thing, just because it is a legal move under Chinese law doesn't mean it's completely irrelevant; they can follow the law and we might still want to know. And given how many people have commented already, we clearly thought it was important enough to read the article. And for one last thing, just because it follows Chinese law doesn't mean we have to agree to it. Plenty of things that are legal get lots of disagreement. Frequently, that's the first step to having a law changed. Sometimes, it's just people who hold an opinion about what would be nice.

Deciding that something is "not news" is hard. If 1) it happened, 2) people care, and 3) it's unusual or new, it's news. Number three can be optional. In this case, 1) the app was taken down, I.E. it happened, 2) many people have proven that they find the story interesting enough to comment on it here and on other sites, I.E. people care, and 3) the app in question was an unusual one having to do with a protest and interactions with police and the decision to take it down was made on an unclear basis, I.E. it's unusual. It's news.

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