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@martinusher - "throwing 'corrosive liquid' at the police (that'll be battery acid to you and me)"

Actually, I've seen a suggestion that it was drain cleaner, which is more commonly available around here.

As for who threw it and why - that is unknown. In the latest incident, reporters were also hit, which would be counter-productive to the protestors' aims. In an incident on 13 Sept, drain cleaner from thrown from a building at protestors. A few idiot protestors, or agent provocateurs or both?

As for the HK police being pretty low key - Alongside the actions of the front-line officers are the statements by the Police spokespeople and commanders. There is complete denial that officers have done anything wrong. As complaints against the Police are investigated by the Police (CAPO, and then passed to the IPCC for review), this does not give confidence that the complaints will be seriously or fairly investigated. The Police have been caught lying and have not apologised: as one example, after the Yuen Long attacks on 21 July, a spokesman stated that Police at the scene did not see people with weapons, but a video showed Police talking with white-shirted men holding sticks. This gives an impression that the Police are deliberately stepping aside and ignoring crimes against peaceful protestors, but responding with maximum force when it suits them.

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