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>(It really helps to be able to send the X-rays direct to the consultant, for example.)

My HMO does this routinely at the moment. Its not exactly a technical tour de force. It obviously helps to have everything running on a protected intranet with any connection to the public network being carefully controlled and monitored.

Medical and industrial equipment isn't updated regularly because of certification issues -- it takes months to test and certify a new version of code. So when a bug fix is requested its actually made to that version -- branch -- of code because the customer only wants the specific fix they asked for. Unlike the app culture there is no 'latest' to keep pushing out and I think this little misunderstanding may go a long way to explaining why IoT isn't quite living up to the rosy predictions of marketing types. (Yes, I know that Tesla pushes out software updates all the time to their cars but if you look at what they're pushing out then you'll see that they conform to this pattern as well -- they'd be skating on really thin ice if they didn't.)

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