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Quite rightly said Giovani

Firstly the best definition of intelligence, is the ability to focus on different things at the same time... An average iq human can focus their concentration on about 3 or 4 things higher iq's 7 to 10... ML has the ability to focus on millions of individual inputs concurrently, and is at best an augment of human intelligence... Bearing in mind that human intelligence can't agree on what sentient life is.

Secondly the fact that M$ will keep banging on about AI... and marketing types and the more we'll heeled businesses will continue to run head long into new and shiny, is at best a worry. Like some how the crap that has come out of M$ in the last 10 years will all be OK because now it's artificially intelligent...this from a company that became such a behemoth from said marketing types that it no longer knows its brain from its backside... Nor can it release a working update for that matter.

Finally to what end does all this "INSIGHT" (shameless use of key buzz word) lead to with regard to the betterment of humanity?.. While there is no doubt about the potential for this technology it remains, for now anyway in the realm of humans. Humans who have lost the ability to choose intelligent leadership or intelligent use of hindsight.

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