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App support was an issue, but I recall they had released trial code which alllowed you to run Android apps on it (just googled, it was called 'Astoria')... it was geeky, but could have plugged the app gap if they could have made it more consumer friendly and built in. But then they canned that project apparently on the basis that if they supported android apps, nobody would bother writing Windows phone ones. But people weren't writing Windows ones anyway, so it basically killed the phone altogether.

My bigger problem with Microsoft was that they basically stopped improving Windows phone itself. It was a great base, but had annoying things that never got sorted (had to enter pin just to turn the flashlight on, mail app was very poor, etc.) and they didn't even work much on their own apps.

I personally loved my Windows phone, liked the tile interface and it ran fast and had a nice uniform feel in most apps. I have the MS launcher now on Android, but it's rubbish. Like virtually all launchers, it basically looks like android. I would have thought MS would have had the capability to pull in the best parts of Windows phone (i.e. the tiles and look and feel) and ported that to their launcher, even as an option. Then you'd have the best of both worlds, android code running all those apps natively, plus the tile elements of Windows phone.

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