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Here's that hippie, pro-privacy, pro-freedom Apple y'all so love: Hong Kong protest safety app banned from iOS store


big news.

A 4-comma-club company has embraced the establishment like a:

1. Whore to cocaine?

2. Drunk to the bottle?

3. Politician to lying?

4. ...

Apple hasn't been in the hippy camp since the last US festival; or really the one before that.

Pro-privacy is a marketing angle; everybody else covered "spy on you for profit", they own the other corner. Although Brave and DuckDuckGo are starting to cramp their style a bit.

Pro-freedom? I know he is a bit disgraced, but did anybody consider running this apple == freedom idea past Mr Stallman? I think he must protest a lot.

The big missed was was was "Pretentious"; because that is what the core of Apple is. They wear the skin of the virtue of the day. Again, what is the virtue stack of the other 4-commas, or near 4-commas.

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