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If you really can't let go of Windows 7, Microsoft will keep things secure for another three years

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I came here to say the same thing.

The few "Windows Legacy" apps I need are run in a VM or (occasionally) on bare metal, but never allowed to see the Internet.

Everything I have that talks to the Internet runs on Linux Mint. I use LibreOffice for most everything it does.

I was once a MS evangelist. Then came Windows 8 with it's totally buggered interface, and that shocked me. That abortion was followed by Win X with it's slurping, stealth installations, and forced, untested updates that regularly create major problems for its users. Good Lord, why would anyone want to put up with that crap if there was an alternative? Fortunately, for me, there was an alternative. The decay of Windows finally motivated me, lazy bastard though I am, to learn how to set up and use Linux Mint, and I'm now a happy member of the penguin camp.

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