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When you can be convicted of threatening behaviour for referring to a female MP as a "Nazi" then to the "authorities" a joke is criminal (heck the Dankula thing already proved that) s well as this being an "equal" society, but should you dare to use uncouth language towards a lady then the system will come down on you like a tonne of bricks....double standard as usual....Corbyn caused a firestorm by calling May a Stupid Woman, yet myriads of female politicians use far worse language about men every single day and are lauded as "fierce", "empowered" "powerful" when in fact most of them are misandrist bigots to the core.

MPs demand respect, while shovelling shit down our necks and then act like the victim when their lying is pointed out and go wailing to the media about people being so rude and mean to them (The SNP (members of both genders) and Labour (female MPs) being prime offenders for this)

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