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"For a language which doesn't really use genders, it's amusing that they're causing so much hot air."

A language without 'genders' yeah ('gender' being a linguistics term, having NOTHING to do with chromosomes or sex). And that's probably why there are way too many attempts to INSERT such things into the language...

No, this is all about FEELINGS. It's about adult-children raised with safe spaces, participation trophies, being driven to/from school every day [read: chauffer parents], and then told "it's ok" if they say 1+1=3 because you don't want to HURT THEIR FEELINGS for BEING WRONG.

I'll now make reference to the "when I was their age" tirade and not do it.

Point is, these *WHINERS* need a *CLUE* *BAT* instead of society CODDLING THEM and ENABLING THEM to be ASSHATS about PRONOUNS.

Feelings are IRRELEVANT. They need to SUCK IT UP and realize that the world really does *NOT* revolve around their SELF ESTEEM. If they get triggered: *TOO* *BAD*.

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